New Green Energy Technology

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Green Energy Technology

A commercial real estate investment professional from Atlanta, Georgia, James “Jim” Shaw has served as a principal in Primestone Properties in Atlanta and a construction lender for a large international bank in Chicago. One of Jim Shaw’s personal and professional interests is alternative green energy.

While most scientists agree that humanity’s reliance on traditional fossil fuels must eventually come to an end, they have yet to identify a single source of green energy that can replace these fossil fuels using the technology that is currently available. However, new research and development studies in the energy field are driving innovation in some surprising directions.

A publication dedicated to covering future energy technology, AENews has reported on several advancements that might make current forms of renewable energy more practical. For example, inventors have recently developed kite-like airborne turbines that can be used to create flying wind energy farms. Innovations in the field of solar energy include the creation of solar-biogas collectors that are shaped like giant tulips. The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) is employing massive satellites that gather solar energy while orbiting the earth. JAXA plans to transmit energy wirelessly from these orbiting satellites by 2030.